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Uniformisation des design chez Rezopole

Multiple website globalization



Présentation de l'offre globale Rezopole et de la nouvelle charte graphique

A big update has been made on 6 websites in the same time. This updates follow 2 axes and respond to very precise needs.

The visuals has been modified to correspond on the new visual aspects of the mainwebsite www.rezopole.net. The top part, bottom part and menus has been updated.

More important, changes on the work flow has been made too. Before, an article had to be copied from one website to another (inside a unique admin panel that allow to manage all the websites). This workflow worked quite fine until several month ago, time when some new websites were added (grenoblix.net, adn-ix.net, roannix.net). It was getting crucial to simplify this write->save->clone work flow. So now, one article can have several categories. It allows an article to be present on every single website very easily. It's a lot easier to write, and edit a single item instead of creating one item and edit 6 duplicates of this original item.

A lot of importing work has been done to allow keeping all the old database

1 August 2012

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