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3 Archers Immobilier

3 Archers Immobilier

Estate Agency

"3 archers immobilier" is an Estate Agency based in Lyon, France.

The website is a cakephp project, and has few specificities :
- automatic content update based on an extern application "PERICLES". PERICLES is a french product designed for Estate agencies, helping them managing their product. PERICLES exports .zip (containing .jpg) and .xml files
- advanced filter settings. Updating filters updates instantly the content






1 June 2016

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Présentation produit : G-ALSH


School management

G-alsh is a php based web application. It combines multiple tools allowing a structure like a school to manage all the childrens and their activities.

It allows you to :
-manage childrens
-manage activities
-manage all the inscriptions
-edit invoices
-edit stastics and official documents




31 May 2016

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PimCheck - Application web/mobile

PimCheck - Application web/mobile

Mobile App and WebApp

Développement HTML/CSS/JS :
.application allowing to display some recommendation depending on a series of conditions
.The data is loaded locally. The app can be used without any internet connection. The app doesn't need to be updated to update just the data.
.Phonegap/crodova for the Android and iOs version
.The webapp version works on mobile and desktop


Application Android. Développé en html/css/angular/phonegap/cordova


Version webApp mobile et desktop de l'application Pimcheck. Développement Angular

Go to the webapp

2 May 2016

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Do you dare it

Do you dare it

nodejs RESTful api

One of my last home-made projects, just for some fiddling and testing, has been this little nodejs RESTful app.

It's a little gambling game for partying (sorry). I wanted it to be small, fast and real-time...


RESTful nodejs app

Therefore, I realized it in 2 evenings, and it's still quite bugged.. But I had to confirm some little things in nodejs. I made it a RESTful API, and grabbed this occasion to try making a little android app for the same project (CORDOVA/PHONEGAP)

You can visit it here

18 December 2014

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Version mobile

New Mobile Version

This page is now going mobile

Nowadays, a mobile version is something quite common. I decided to create myself a little mobile version, demonstrating you what can be done.

This version, based on css3 media queries, mobile php detection and jQuery Mobile, is offering a simpler and faster mobile navigation, thanks to ajax and content preloading

The User Interface is simplified, cutting off uneeded content, and allows me to value the real content on smartphone and other mobile devices. It is important to note that none special treatment as to be done on the content now for the mobile display.

The top menu permits, with a simple click, to call me or to send me a message/email.


template pour la version mobile de ce site !

28 April 2013

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