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Rezopole - refonte graphique du site internet

Rezopole - new webdesign

New design for one of my first projects as a professional

I started my activity as an independent webdevelopper, designer, project manager (a bit of everything) approximatively 1 year ago.. Since then, I did not really get an opportunity to stop working..

Many projects of mine don't get the occasion to be displayed here, since they are some complex development project, where the design part is limited to the simpliest...

But sometimes, I get the occasion to play a little bit and work on projects I can show here... It was the case for lagriffe-studio last month, and this month, it's the case for one of my first clients : rezopole.net.


Image de présentation du nouveau graphisme www.rezopole.net, par Alain Lorenz

It's a website a developped from scratch, based on joomla. This project, like many other, did not get the attention I would have hoped for his graphic part.. But this time, I have been asked to update the design of the website.. This is the result..


Capture d'écran de la nouvelle interface graphique de Rezopole.net

6 April 2012

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